European-oriented and emerging training courses


Today, mobility has become one of the strongest parameters of professional success, knowledge of the functioning of institutions, intercultural management, regulation of trade, and everything that constitutes the specificity of Europe is a real added value in education.
Nevertheless, the recognition of academic qualifications obtained abroad remains a difficult challenge because there is no legal equivalence in France nor in Europe.

To this day, only a certificate of comparability of the diploma with the European system can be obtained. The portability of subsidies and loans is limited and several constraints can interfere with the free movement of people in the EU.

With the support of the European Union, and through an exclusive partnership with your university, the WEDGE Group offers the possibility to prepare and obtain a diploma recognized by the European states from Bachelor level to Master on the following subjects:

  • Numerical and digital technologies
  • Ethical and participative finance, solidarity insurance
  • Quality, safety and environmental management

WEDGE Business School offer professional training courses which meet the needs of companies and which are recognized at European level with various diplomas (3-year degree / 5-year degree).

The advantages of a European diploma:

  • To able to claim wage levels set by certain collective agreements that recognize official "levels" of wages or salaries - if the diploma prepared is not recognized by any agreement, the candidate will not be entitled to any minimum "status" or "wage".
  • Enable access to the competitions of hight private schools and certain Masters and regulated professions.
  • To constitute a complement of relevant training favoring the emergence of a double competence.
  • Understand the functioning of the European institutions in order to enrich the general culture and acquire professional, social, and intercultural skills.
  • To become a major player in the competitiveness of Europe and a creator of intelligent growth in the world through a recognized diploma with high added value.
  • Facilitate inter-country mobility to study and work. 


The training process: 

In initial training:

At the beginning of the school year (Bachelor or Master), the WEDGE Group entrusts students with course materials for training in European institutions as well as information on the content of the dissertation giving rise to the defense to the jury during the final examination.

The examination may be passed in a comprehensive or progressive form. Admission is possible if the overall marks awarded by the jury is equal to or greater than 10/20 and if all the competencies evaluated have a result greater than 6/20. In the event of a failure in the examination, students benefit from the skills acquired over a 5-year period, with the possibility of re-examining the missing skills at subsequent sessions, as a free candidate or as part of the school. 


In validation of the experience acquired: 

To qualify for a validation of prior learning, a prerequisite of 3 years of professional experience in coherence with the chosen subject for the Bachelor and 5 years for the Master is required.

The process of obtaining the degree remains identical. The thesis will be enriched by the candidate's professional experience, complementary to the knowledge acquired on the European institutions.

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